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High on the freedom of new adulthood, young and starry-eyed Lydia Davis became entangled with the party lifestyle in the meanest streets of Chicago. Her life went on a downward spiral as she got more and more entangled in the street’s risky lifestyle.

At twenty-seven, Lydia met a man who made her believe she had found her prince charming. However, he turned out be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, preying on the innocent and unwary.

Lydia went through multiple failed relationships which resulted into abuse, rape, drug addiction, infidelity, and betrayal. When death claimed the lives of people she loved, Lydia was pushed to the brink of despair.

Hopeless and suffering, she turned to God for sanctuary. She devoted her life in God’s service, and He, in turn, lead her to success and prosperity.

Upon reaching the peak of her success, another set of betrayals devastates Lydia. In one of the lowest points of her life, Lydia turns to God and finds strength to rise again.

Three true cautionary tales that show how dangerous it can be if you’re not careful with how you live your life.

This book gives voice to the voiceless and will show how only God can deliver you out of any situation because He is the author and finisher of our faith.


Lydia Davis is the owner and broker of her own real estate company called Buy Faith Realty. She has two real estate companies and opened two schools.

She's an actress and was a gospel TV show co-host for 5 years. She also serves as an evangelist and has a certification as a counselor and a master's degree in theology.


I was getting high at a friend’s house and he left to get more drugs. While waiting, I noticed a number of forty-ounce beer bottles laying around. They had their tops screwed down and looked full. I thought to myself, I’m gonna have me one of those beers while I wait for him to come back with some more drugs. When I unscrewed the top I thought it was funny it didn’t snap like when you open the seal on a fresh bottle. I didn’t give it another thought until I took a big swig and immediately spit it out in disgust. Oh my God! It was urine! Pure piss!

The drug rehab facility said they have my resultsfrom the tests I had taken when I entered the center. They told me I had full–blown AIDS. Hearing the word AIDS almost killed me on the spot. I cried hysterically. I was allowed to call my family; I called my mother first and told her that I was HIV positive. We both sobbed on the phone for a long time. My heart was broken irretrievably. “Mom, tell the family,” I whimpered. Can you believe what happened next?

I got up again and checked the phone, and that’s when I saw nude photos of him apparently that he texted to other ladies, or perhaps his lady of choice. And then if that wasn’t enough, I saw it—something that totally blew my mind. I couldn’t fathom what I was seeing. I had to send it to my best friend to see if they saw what I did so I wouldn’t think I was hallucinating. My friend called me back and expressed total shock. That’s when I knew I saw what I thought I saw. I asked my friend never to tell anyone and to this day it has never been revealed. I myself will never tell.

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